Helping you elevate value with large trees

Want to improve your reputation and get great PR? Consider saving the trees from your building site before you start pushing dirt around, then bringing them back later. (Yes, that’s possible!)


Sell Homes for More

You can put a tree in a 3D rendering to show what a property might look like in 20 years — but what if you can make that rendering a reality? Offering your clients the opportunity to purchase a mature tree not only increases curb appeal, it increases your company’s perceived value in the process because it feels prestigious to build a ‘mature property’ from scratch.


Trees Set the Tone

Whether you are complying with environmental regulations, interested in sustainability, or are making efforts to meet zoning or permit requirements, transplanting large trees can improve corporate image and reputation. The historical and cultural significance of specific trees or areas may also play a role in your interest in transplantation.

Beyond rules and regulations, trees offer aesthetics to buildings large and small, provide shade for employees to enjoy breaks under, and help mitigate noise and air pollution around the property.

Saving trees starts in the planning process

Saving trees starts in the planning process

We all know that good PR is great for business, and that hot topics right now are climate change and protecting the environment. Regardless of your stand on these items, you can elevate your reputation by planning to save the trees on your building site before you start clearing.

Whether you need permits to move trees or have other bylaws to deal with, we can help you every step of the way. We can even tree-sit (think babysitting for trees) for you while the property is developed, then bring those trees back and replant them.

Whether you need one, ten, or a hundred trees, 
we can move and/or plant them for you!

One of the best parts of our job is moving a tree that was planted for a loved one. We’ve even moved a tree that Grandpa’s ashes were buried under! It’s our pleasure to help families stay together through trees.

John Gibson

Owner of Treemendous