Create the yard you’re proud to show off

Whether your home is old or new, a beautiful maple, a towering oak, or a fragrant pine, a maturing tree will help to enhance the vibe of your property.

Desires privacy

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

It’s like “Location, Location, Location!” — everyone wants it but most don’t know they can have it with a new build.
If you have a big building or home behind you looking into your yard, aside from the obvious choice of planting a predictable cedar hedge for you, we can also help you design and create privacy using hardy ironwoods instead. Just imagine a beautiful row of purple and green and red leaves throughout the season — not just in autumn — acting as a visual shield and a volume barrier between you and your neighbours.
If you’ve got a pool, or want one but don’t want the clean up, we can help you select the perfect non-shedding tree that also gives you privacy to enjoy a drink on your back patio, a dip in the pool, or an evening in the hot tub — without having to deal with prying eyes.

Weather, trees act as shields

Protecting your home with trees

WIth the incredible amount of snow, wind, and rain that much of the continent deals with, it’s important to protect your home and property in every way possible. If you plant them correctly, you can direct show: it’s easier to steer it than stop it, but if you plant them incorrectly, you could make it worse. Whether you live in a century farmhouse or a new build, if you live in an area that’s prone to big weather, planting large trees in the right places can protect your home and land.

Increasing home value

Big Trees = Big Value

Between instant curb appeal and landscape enhancement, choosing to transplant large trees onto your property quickly elevates the desirability and worth of your home. Many people move into an older neighbourhood because of the big trees. Because trees change the whole look of a property or neighbourhood, the value perception increases. Rather than wait forty years for saplings to grow, why not just plant a forty year old tree today?

Tree babysitting


Wish you could bring your tree with you when you move, but there’s a gap in time between your old place and the new one?
If there’s a tree that you want to save for a sentimental, practical, or pragmatic reason, we can bring it to our tree farm and look after it for a period of time. If you’re moving and your new house isn’t ready, or your business is going through major construction, we can come and collect your trees and look after them until you’re ready to have them back. When you are, give us a call and we’ll bring your tree to you!

Tree babysitting

Don’t wait 40 years to have a big, beautiful tree — we can move a big tree to your property!


The Family Tree

For some families, trees grow with their children. Generations of little ones play in the branches, imagining they’re climbing to the sky on Jack’s beanstalk, or scrambling up to save the princess. When it’s time to move house, you can bring those memories with you with that tree: Remember, we can move trees up to 16” in trunk diameter. Rather than painfully leaving those memories behind, continue to create them with your old tree on your new property. You wouldn’t leave the board you measure your kids’ heights on each year, so why leave your beloved tree behind?


The Memory Tree

For some people, planting a tree in memory of a loved one brings them much comfort. As the tree grows, they go to it to be comforted by the energy, to talk to the person who has passed, or to sit and enjoy the quiet underneath its branches. Whatever your reason for planting a memory tree, it would be our honour to help you choose the perfect one.


One of the best parts of our job is moving a tree that was planted for a loved one. We’ve even moved a tree that Grandpa’s ashes were buried under! It’s our pleasure to help families stay together through trees.

John Gibson

Owner of Treemendous

  • Whether your home is new or old, we can create a ‘mature neighbourhood’ feeling by planting fully grown trees on your property.
  • Whether you’re looking for a beautiful maple, a towering oak, or a fragrant pine, a fully grown tree will help to change the vibe of your property.
  • If you’re building, the time to plan your tree placement is now — don’t wait until your home it up, it might be too late to plant older trees

If you’re trying to sell your house and can’t seem to get the right buyer (or the right price), investing in a 30’ tree for your front yard could be just the thing you need… take it from us!