We’re here to answer all of your tree questions

We plant and move trees of all sizes — from 3” to 16” in trunk diameter! Don’t wait until there’s a gap in your treeline — contact us today!

If there’s a tree, we care

If you’ve got a question about a current tree, or want to know if it’s possible to have one moved on or to your property, reach out to us directly.
We handle all sorts of inquiries like

  • “Can we save this tree?”
  • “My family member is buried under this tree and we want to take it with us when we move. Is that possible?”
  • “Our property is in a new development and we need more than grass to look at. Can you actually bring in big trees that look like 
 they’ve been here for 40 years?”

By the way, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding,

Pssssst! You can also come for a tour of the tree farm! John loves to take people out on the golf cart for tours. See you soon!
80182 Front Road

Clinton ON N0M 1L0